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Laser Dentistry Irvine, CA - Laser Therapy | Stylish Smile

What's Laser Therapy ?

If you have gum disease, it is critical that you undergo some type of treatment to help heal your gums and reduce the size of the pockets around each of your teeth. One of the best methods for healing the gums is with laser therapy. Laser therapy uses a high-powered yet incredibly safe laser to remove only the infected and disease tissue from inside the gum pockets. The gums can then heal fully, closing up these pockets and preventing eventual tooth and bone loss.

Why would a Laser Therapy be needed ?

You might need or even want laser therapy if you have gum disease. The procedure is ideal for patients with mild to even severe gum disease because it effectively removes diseased tissue from the gums. The laser used is safe and will not have an effect on healthy gum tissue in the area. Unlike other procedures available, there are no incisions or sutures needed and some patients may not even need local anesthetic.

Laser Dentistry Irvine, CA - Laser Therapy | Stylish Smile

Who's a candidate for Laser Therapy ?

Patients who are looking for a quick, easy and noninvasive periodontal treatment alternative are good candidates for laser therapy. No incisions are required and sutures are unnecessary. In fact, depending on the type of work needing to be done, you may not even need a local anesthetic for the laser to be used. The process is quick and effectively works to remove any and all disease and infected tissue in the mouth.

What happens during Laser Therapy Treatment ?

We first point the high-powered laser into the small pockets around your teeth. The laser effectively removes and eradicates any diseased tissue in these areas. The laser should have no impact on the healthy gum tissue where the treatment is being done. The roots of the teeth are then smoothed and cleaned. The gums can then heal fully along the tooth, reducing the size of these gum pockets and preventing the progression of the actual disease.

If you need laser therapy and want to know more about the procedure, call us today and we can get you in for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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